CEC is located in scenic San Carlo, Sonora, right off the Sea of Cortez. (see the map below).  The facilities include the main classroom, dorms for singles (men and women in separate areas) and accommodations for couples as well, the library, study areas and housing for staff.


These facilities have been provided for, through the help of others who have the same vision, so that those who come would have the opportunity to focus and dedicate themselves to the study of the Bible.  Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like to come by and see the facilities.


In the norther state of Sonora, the campus of CEC is easy to get to.  The closest major international airport is in Hermosillo, approximately an hour and a half to the north.  San Carlos is a small beach town about 15 minutes from the neighbouring city Guaymas.  For detailed instructions on how to get to the campus, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.