Eight generations of students have passed through CEC since it's inception, each with a story to tell about how God worked in their lives. The desire is that each student will not only be better equipped for ministry but will experience deep, personal change as they dedicate themselves to study the Word and live in the CEC community for 14 weeks.  Read these testimonies from some of the alumni.  Also, be sure to see some of the videos below highlighting student's experiences here at CEC.



Listen to testimonies of various students over the years as they share how God has worked in their lives during that time at CEC.



"What has really impacted me strongly is that, what is taught here is the truth, and it is also lived out with the examples of their lives." - Jesus (Empalme, Sonora)


“It’s a unique experience, there is no other place like it. I call it "the refuge" and I invite you to come and see God at work, really moving in your life. This is a school where you don’t only read the Word, you live it, experience it, but you also practice it." - Mike (Guaymas, Sonora)


“My vision is to share all of the teachings that have been so clear and simple, the freedom that we have through believing in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelations, and share it not only in the congregation that I come from but also to all the places that I'm taking the Word of God, in the places that God puts me, and in every opportunity that I have to share the good news of the Gospel.” - Leoncio (Mazatlan, Sinaloa)


"It completely changed my focus and the way in which I read the Word, the way I study the Word and how I view any situation in my life; I completely recommend it.” - David (Hermosillo, Sonora)


“What has impacted me most is the lives of the teachers, how they teach us, the dedication with which they serve us as students, not to be served first but that they are here serving us." - Miguel (Hermosillo, Sonora)

“CEC is an institution where they teach you to love God.” - Maria (Chiquilistlan, Jalisco)